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Five years later, Jake returned to Jericho to pay his respects to his recently deceased grandfather and to claim the money his grandfather left him.Because of the problems in their relationship, his father refused to hand over the money; and Jake was leaving town again when he witnessed the destruction of Denver.His history had estranged him from his wife and children; but, in truth, they are the only ones he cares about—when he realized the September Attacks were coming, his first thought was to get them to safety.Hawkins moved to Jericho with his wife, Darcy, and his two children, Alison and Samuel, three days before the attacks.Jake frequently left Jericho for supplies or information and on other missions—including rescuing his brother from New Bern, training the Rangers in gun skills, and defending the town from Ravenwood, a private military company, and the New Bern Army.

He had initially started flying with his grandfather when he was a teen, and has over 1,500 total flight hours.Jake was initially an unlikely hero, but his checkered past helped in Jericho's trying times.He took charge of getting people to safety, and eventually people came to look upon him as a leader.Even though he failed in that, he still had one of the bombs, which could be used to uncover the conspiracy that started it all.Hawkins proves his loyalty to Jericho over the course of Season 1.

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